It’s All In The Name

When it comes to espresso machines, espresso accessories, and commercial beverage equipment maintenance and repair, what you need to know about us is right there in our name: We’re the experts!

Whatever you need, from regular maintenance and repairs to purchasing new equipment, we have you covered every step of the way. From your first question through each subsequent transaction, our team gives each customer, from independent shop owners who are just opening their doors, to long-standing corporate brands with multiple locations, the full breadth of our expertise and commitment to comprehensive, friendly, reliable service.

Decades of Experience & Expertise

Espresso Machines Experts has been building our stellar reputation for over 20 years, and if you add up the experience of our highly-trained team of technicians and salespeople, it surpasses the century mark by a wide margin.

The Pacific Northwest has long been one of the global centers for coffee and espresso excellence, and Portland, where we are located, is at the heart of it. All the amazing developments in coffee and espresso, we get to be at the forefront as it happens. All the wonderful tools and equipment being developed come through our shop, as well as the old, reliable standards. Whatever you use to brew coffee and espresso, we can fix it! Or if it’s time to upgrade, we will sell you a new one!

Start Today

We have a fully stocked and manned fleet of vans ready for on-call service to the Portland Metro Area, Central Oregon, Eugene, and the Oregon Coast. Please call or email us today for service and inquiries. We are the espresso and beverage equipment experts, and we are always ready to answer any questions you may have.